History of factory

timeline of “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod”
25-th anniversary of ОАО " Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod"
"Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod" constantly enlarges its distribution areas. Nowadays, our fertilizers are for sale on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kirghizia, Moldavia, and Belarus. In a near-term plan we plan to organize supplies to Georgia, Poland and China. 

Product range- 286 items

Production capacity – 99,5 thousand tons per year

New site’s launch

In April 2017, a new site of “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” launches. 

Chelated microelement’s production

At this point ОАО “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” address the import phase-out. In 2015, a new production unit opens for manufacturing of chelated microelements (Са, Cu, Zn, Mn, Fe, Mg, Co), which beforehand were produced and delivered from Italy, Belgium and China.

Our products successfully compete with foreign counterparts and supplied to all Russia’s regions and near-abroad countries. 

Product range- 252 items

Production capacity – 78,2 thousand tons per year

Agricultural company “Planeta”

In 2011, OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” starts exploiting the area for peat extraction in ecologically clean Buy region, Kostromskaya oblast.  Acquired natural raw materials are designed for the production of organo-mineral fertilizers and nutritive soil mixed with peat.

One of the new activity areas and financial investments of our enterprise is agriculture. The subsidiary agricultural company OOO “Planeta” was founded in 201 based on 5 economically-weak agricultural enterprises of Buyskiy region. The main kind of activity is meat and milk cattle breeding as well as the growing of high-producing brood cows of Kostroma breed.  

Currently, the herd of "Planeta" amounts to 1355 heads of the cattle stock, including 555 heads of milking cows. Milk yield for the last 3 years increased from 3559 kg to 4581 kg per 1 forage-fed cow and these are the highest yields over the years of Buyskiy region existence. According to the order of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” was granted a status of the official breeding unit of the Kostroma breed cows.

Milk quality corresponds to all essential standards and requirements and getting processed by the Wimm Bill Dann company.  

Product range- 166 items

Production capacity – 76,2 thousand tons per year

Ice arena “Planeta”

OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” is one of the main restorer of ice hockey in Buy. Our plant finances the arranging of sporting events and construction of sport facilities and so with our help in 2008 ice arena “Planeta” was build and we still support it financially to this day.

In 2014 Children and Youth Sports School “Planeta” opens and start to work with 4 different age groups of children aged 5 to 15 years.  

Young sportsmen participate in open competitions for the cup of the “Lokomotiv” hockey team in Yaroslavl region, in interregional tournament “Zolotoie kol’tso”, and in all-Russia and interregional competitions for the prize “Zolotaya shaiba” of the young hockey players club.  

In February 2015 trainees of our sports school become winners of the final all-Russia competition of the young hockey players club “Zolotaya shaiba” in the name of Tarasov among the teams from villages and small towns which took place in Perevoz, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast.

Product range- 139 items

Production capacity – 58,2 thousand tons per year

Start of the “Aquarin” production

In 2001 “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” started the manufacturing of 15 types of the complex mineral fertilizer “Aquarin”.

This water-soluble complex mineral fertilizer was designed for all types of substrates and irrigation systems.  

Aquarin’s distinctive features:

  • high concentration of nutrients,
  • wide range of fertilizer types with different ratio of nutrients,
  • each type contains a complex of chelated microelements.

Modern technologies, applied in agriculture, imply the usage of irrigating systems, crops cultivation in mineral or organic substrates, the use of hydroponics and aeroponics which explains the reason why particular requirements were specified for the quality of fertilizers.

First of all, they should be 100 % water-soluble, ballastless and contain a complex of chelated microelements.

Our plant mastered the production of fertilizer “Aquarin” which complies with up-to-date requirements both for sheltered and open ground crop cultivation.  

Product range- 45 items

Production capacity – 10,9 thousand tons per year

ОАО «Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod»

In May 1994, the company “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” was registered and began its commercial activity. Back then it was a small but constantly developing production-commercial company.

Founded on the territory of the former chemical plant, OAO “Buyskiy Himicheskiy zavod” chose fertilizer manufacturing as its area of business and now it is an enterprise with sufficient material and technical resources, production capabilities, financial and intellectual potential, and with directorate which has many years of management experience.

The history of our chemical plant is inextricably linked with the history of the town for more than a century now.

Product range- 4 items
Production capacity – 6,5 thousand tons per year
Borax and borax-containing preparations' manufacturing factory
In 1915 a wine factory was bought by the association of the chemical plant “Vilenskiy” with the intention of locating on its territory the plant which was evacuated from Poland. During that time, Poland was a part of the Russian Empire and its territory was the subject of military operations of World War I. From this point forward, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” started manufacturing soda ash, boric acid, and borax.
Wine distillery factory
In 1880 the local nobleman in Buy town founded a wine factory which specialized in the manufacturing of crude potato alcohol.