LLC “Agrovita”, the Director Nizami Heybatov
Baku, Azerbaijan

We started to cooperate with “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” in 2013, when there was no such a company as “Agrovita” and we were looking for high-quality mineral fertilizers at reasonable prices as a greenhouse complex “Green Tech”. We found “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod”, purchased a pilot batch of fertilizers for our greenhouses which yielded excellent results and reduced spends on fertilization. After the successful testing we apply buyskie fertilizers in each of our greenhouses with an area of 30 hectares.

In 2015 we started the company “Agrovita” which specializes on the selling of seeds and fertilizers and became the exclusive dealer of the “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” in the Azerbaijan. “Agrovita” provides other greenhouse complexes and facilities with buyskie fertilizers which, in comparison with similar expensive European fertilizers, helped them to reduce expenses and consequently to cut down the production price of the cultivated cultures. At this moment, more than 200 ha of modern greenhouse complexes apply mineral fertilizers only made by “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod”.

It is also worth mentioning that the staff of the “BHZ” is highly qualified, competent when it comes to receiving orders and consigning goods in time and can help to resolve any question.

We want to express our gratitude to the “Buyskiy himichesky zavod” for all the forgoing things and hope that our partnership will last for years longer. 

OOO (limited liability company) “AgroSpektr”, the Director of OOO “AgroSpektr”, Koporkh V.N.
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

For more than 20 years, products of “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” are widely spread on the market of Kyrgyzstan. Fertilizers of BHZ are not just well-known in our country, but also much-in-demand because of the excellent value for money factor.

Considering modern market requirements, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” keeps in step with the times by applying advanced inventions and most recent technologies. Complex water-soluble fertilizers, chelated microelements and organo-mineral fertilizers of Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod successfully compete with the foreign analogues.

We want to express appreciation to the staff of OAO “BHZ” for the high quality of output products and their competence and also to make a specific mention of Oksana Vorob’eva, sales department manager, for her creative and responsible approach to the work handling.

Our company wishes OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” further successful development and prosperity.

Thank you for our partnership!

Lapko Taisiya Alexandrovna, the Director of OOO “Interros”
Minsk, Belarus

For more than 20 years, we, the Belarusian company “Interros”, cooperate closely with “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod”. Throughout the years, the management and representatives of the BHZ shown themselves as partners you can rely on and find support with.

More and more Belorusian greenhouse facilities choose and entrust to “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” by replacing imported goods with buyskie fertilizers. The factory itself constantly works on the product’s quality improvement: we had a chance to become personally certain in this during the conducted tour on the site of the plant.

In 2020, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” and “Interros” held our first workshop for Belarusian agrochemists specializing in crops’ cultivation in the sheltered ground and we want to mention the work of Dmitriy Alexandrovich Belozerov. He gave a few presentations concerning what interests agricultural chemists in the Republic of Belarus and represented the whole product line of the plant which we now buy and sell in even more quantities.

We highly appreciate the mobility of the BHZ staff, prompt responses on our requests and on-time deliveries of goods to Belarus. Having this opportunity we want to draw attention to the way covered by the “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” for the last twenty years and to the importance of the plant for the agricultural complex of Russia and CIS-countries. “Interros” wishes OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” further prosperity!         

Association of “Greenhouses of Russia”, the Director Rogova N.D.

“OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” since the early years is a member of the Association of “Greenhouses of Russia”.

Starting with one-time, sample deliveries in the mid-90s, now, after 20 years of the working activity, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” is the main supplier of water-soluble fertilizers. The hardest thing was getting through the lack of trust in Russian fertilizers manufacturer especially in the early days of enterprise existence.

Over the years technologies of glasshouse cropping were changing and quality requirements were increasing. High-quality standards were set by the professional companies of Europe, Israel, South America and a little later of India and China. So it wasn’t easy to rival with this broad variety of suppliers on the Russian market.

Even though the term didn’t exist at that time, the work on "the import phase-out" was carrying out for the last 20 years and has succeeded.

We wish happiness and further creative success in plans implementation to the staff personnel.

OAO “Teplichnoe”, the Director Kolchak N.A.
Irkutsk Oblast, Angarsk

Our companies cooperate for two decades now. This partnership is mutually beneficial. “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” produces high-quality fertilizers and we, by applying them, cultivate high-quality vegetables which are in great demand among the population. “BHZ” often was understanding of our financial condition and supplied us products on a deferred-payment basis.

We hope for our mutually beneficial cooperation as well as understanding and express our gratitude to the personnel of the OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod”. 

OOO “Greenhouse complex “Mayskiy”, the Director Ganiev I.G.
the Republic of Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk municipal district, Osinovo

Key personnel of the Greenhouse complex “Mayskiy” expresses gratitude to the specialists of OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” for a longstanding partnership. 

Production of fully water-soluble fertilizers for sheltered grounds and well-adjusted chelated micro-fertilizers production technique made the substitution of imported fertilizers happen. Quick response to any customer request and a large variety of fertilizers for greenhouses is an outstanding feature of your enterprise.

Government-owned corporation of the Republic of Mordovia “Teplichnoe”, the сhief agronomist Vodogreeva M.A.
Republic of Mordovia, Saransk

By using the example of the GOC of the Republic of Mordovia “Teplichnoe”, we can look through the stages of OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” development. In 1999, when the shift to the small-volume growing technology started, quality requirements and fertilizers range changed.

At the present time, “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” produces the whole range of water-soluble fertilizers which are not inferior to imported analogues, fully correspond to all current requirements of our greenhouse complex and sold at more appealing prices. We apply more than 400 tons of OAO “BHZ” fertilizers per year that significantly cut expenses on the manufacturing.

We hope for our further mutually beneficial cooperation

OOO “Dal’energomontazh-Lazurnoe cooperative agricultural holding”, the Director Dubovtseva N.I.
Primorsky Krai, Partizansk

OOO “Dal’energomontazh” expresses gratitude to OAO “Buyskiy himicheskiy zavod” for the effective longstanding partnership and mutual understanding.

We deeply appreciate the on-time supplies of the high-quality mineral fertilizers which are of no small importance for greenhouse farming.

Thank You for accommodating our requests and helping us in difficult situations for a number of years now. 

Our company wishes you production achievements, economic prosperity, financial well-being and strengthening of a partnership of our enterprises.

We will be happy to maintain business ties with you!