Calcium nitrate, type A (dihydrate)

Lime saltpetre

Са(NО3)2 x 2Н2О


Barcode: 4607019656035




Commercial grade calcium nitrate is a polyfunctional (depending on the dosage) concrete additive with properties which allow products usage in the function of:

  • an accelerating agent for a cement hardening;
  • a long term increaser of concrete’s strength properties;
  • an anodic inhibitor of reinforcing steel corrosion in cement;
  • a modifying additive for concrete and cement mortar in the process of solid / reinforced concrete as well as blocky parts of precast-cast-in-place construction units construction, and in the process of building-in of pre-fabricated assemblies’ joints and also serves as antifrost additive if the average outdoor air temperature of a day is below 5° C (GOST 24211-91 "Admixtures for concretes. General technical requirements", Rules and regulations 82-101-98 Manufacturing and usage of solutions in construction industry) 

Calcium nitrate advantages over other antifrost additives:

  • is the inhibitor of the reinforcing steel corrosion process;
  • decreases the risk of concrete distress distortion in the process of its contraction;
  • is the activator of ready-mix concrete after long transportation; 
  • allows working with concrete in circumstances of sub-zero air temperature;
  • is the stimulator of concrete setting and solidification when the dosage is 1,5-2% of the total concrete mass (more detailed information can be found in Rules and Regulations 82-101, attachment V, table V.2); 
  • promotes an early increase in strength properties without decrease of concrete permeability at the dosage of 2-2,5%;
  • is the main additive which acts as a firming agent and that is used for water-resistant concrete manufacturing at the dosage of 1-1,5% of cement mass.

Consumption rate:

   Assumed temperature of concrete solidification   


   Dosage of calcium nitrate in the cement mass    

                         up to -10 оС                                     1%
                         up to -15 оС                                     up to 2 %
                         up to -20 оС                                     up to 3-4 %
                         up to -25 оС                                     up to 5 %

Calcium nitrate can be used both individually and in the combination with carbamide (urea) which at the same time plasticizes the concrete mixture.

Calcium nitrate application benefits


  • reacts with the concrete and doesn’t cause efflorescence in the process of capillary inward leakage;
  • increases pavement concrete’s impact resistance and breaking strength;
  • decreases concrete’s resistance to abrasion (pavement and paving elements);
  • consolidates concrete;
  • increases final product compression strength;
  • at early stages increases the speed of concrete strength development. Demolding is possible after only 12-18 hours. Allows usage of low-grade and portland blast-furnace cement;
  • acts as the inhibitor of steel corrosion.

“Buyskiy Himicheskiy zavod” produces calcium nitrate “type A” in the form of double ammonium salts: Ca5NH4(NO3)11*10H2O. Ammonium form of calcium nitrate can be used in the concrete mixture that only should be applied outdoors or in buildings with exhaust ventilation because in case of a solution and concrete interaction-free ammonia is emitting (during winter the preparation mostly applied in the process of premixed concrete manufacturing). Presence of ammonium ions in the composition of calcium nitrate is connected to the technology of its production and allows manufacturing of the product with low hydration water content (19%) in comparison with Ca(NO3)2*4H2O (30,5%) and increase product’s melting temperature. 

Safety requirements:

   Hazard category        
   Explosion and fire hazard
 Explosion hazardous and not flammable    
   Personal protective equipment  While working with calcium nitrate one should wear personal protective equipment, specifically overalls, respiratory protective equipment, rubber gloves and safety shoes. 
   Transportation       The product can be transported by all means of transportation in accordance with the shipping rules. In the dry state, the product is packaged in 20 kg bags. 
   Storage  Store calcium nitrate in dry closed storage premises on flat pallets. Guarantee storage life of the product is 2 years from the date of production. 

The content of the main substance
N (%)
pH (of a 1% solution)
Insoluble residue (%)
White or yellow hemispherical granules
Other information
Mass fraction of crystallization water is not more than 19%. Melting temperature - 94-98 С. Doesn’t contain any impurities or chlorine!